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We design websites that are practical,
      useful, and appealing.

When FindTech creates your website or redesigns your existing website, you can be assured it will reflect your business personality.

We optimize your site as it is being built to create preferred rankings. This can save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars to implement this after the fact.

Website Design Price List

Home Page Set-up of $250 Includes:

  • Logo Placement (of your existing logo)
  • Side Navigation set-up with rollovers
  • Bottom text navigation
  • Typing up to 100 words
  • Graphic placement of 3 additional Web-ready graphics
  • Links to all other pages

Additional Page set-up:

  • $100 per page includes:
    • • Typing up to 100 words per page (additional words $ .02 each)
    • • Graphic placement of three (3) Web-ready graphics per page total
    • • Additional Web-ready graphics $10 each
    • • For graphics that are not Web-ready, a $25/graphic charge will be added to
    •     make it Web-ready
    •    (not Web-ready includes any graphic that needs to be scanned or resized or
         graphics that are not provided but found by FindTech and included in site to enhance site)
    • • Links to other pages above and email addresses
    • • Scripts are $50 each
    • • Dynamic sites (ASP, PHP, Shopping Carts, E-commerce) are quoted individually

    Annual Fixed Expenses:

    Domain Name Registration $10.19/domain name/year
    Domain Hosting (month-to-month) starting at $4.99/month
    Website Promotion $30 to $180/year
    • $89 one-time submit (monthly program also available)
    • packages from $29.99 to $179.99

    FindTech, Ltd
    P. O. Box 43698
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