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Underwater Demolition Team 13: Westpac 1969

Friends, and teammates, Ltjg Pete Upton and Photographer's Mate 1st Class Steve Waterman created the book in 1969 and had it printed in Japan. They spent a month there putting it together and getting the printing done. Then Pete and Steve hitchhiked back to Subic Bay on U. S. Air Force planes to bring the books to the guys in Team 13.

Underwater Demolition Team 13 was commissioned in 1968 to help take up the slack and give UDT-12 and UDT-11 more time stateside during the Vietnam War. Approximately 20 men from UDT-21 (Little Creek) volunteered to serve a tour with UDT-13 to help “flesh out” the team, which was made up of new men from UDT Training; some were from SEAL One, others were reserves asking to be recalled to active duty.

Many Naval commands make cruise books of their trips. Cruise books are photographic and written records of events and people on specific deployments.

The 1969 UDT THIRTEEN cruise book brings together a collection of first-hand textual and photographic impressions of its WESTPAC deployment. The harmonizing of these significant experiences, each unique in attitude and point of view, best conveys the reality of the deployment, to be relived and enjoyed in all its color, drama, and poignancy in the years to come.

Edited by: Steve Waterman, Pete Upton
Revised by: Steve Waterman
Republished April 2008

*Although unsigned, the illustrations in the book are the work of
Pete Carolan (click here to see more of his work).

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Paperback specifications :
  • perfect bound, 92 pages, 8.5" x 11" color
  • more than 250 photographs
  • 4 full-page color photos, 7 hand-drawn illustrations*
  • 10,000 words (text describing the activities is interspersed amongst the images)
    (Note: most of the images are grayscale,
    however there are four full-page color prints.
    All the photos in the paperback are printed on
    archival-quality photo paper.)

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