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Publishing Your Book

You write a book. You send it to publishers. You don't get the glowing acceptance that you hoped for. You really believe in your book and want to get it published. What are your options?

Vanity Publishing

Vanity Publishing differs from self-publishing because the author pays a publisher to publish their book as if the vanity publisher published it. A print run of 3,000 to 5,000 copies is made, and the vanity publisher handles the distribution through distributors and wholesalers.


With self-publishing, the author pays to publish his/her book also, however the author uses a company that is known as a "self-publishing" company. Self-publishing companies have a variety of options. Some require a large quantity of books (3,000 copies), while others may have a print-on-demand program. Most self-publishing companies have plans that include cover design, typesetting, editing, distribution, and marketing.

FindTech, Ltd is a self-publishing company that offers print-on-demand distribution. Our services are á la carte, so you can decide if you want us to help with a particular aspect of the publishing, or if you'd prefer to hire someone else to perform services such as editing, cover design, or typesetting.

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FindTech, Ltd
P. O. Box 43698
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