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Become a Published Author!

Save production costs by publishing your fiction or non-fiction book electronically
(as an eBook)

Instant Gratification to the Reader

Everyone is in a rush these days. People want instant gratification. A great way to fulfill this need is to publish your novel or non-fiction material as an ebook. People pay for the ebook, and are taken to a page where the ebook is instantly downloadable.


Benefits of publishing an ebook are that there are no printing costs and no inventory to keep. This means that you can sell your ebook at a lower price, encouraging more sales. You decide if you want to allow the book to be printed or restrict printing, whether it can be shared, and if it is password-protected.


What are the downsides? Copyright infringement may be an issue, as there is often more temptation to circulate an ebook. Keep in mind that people often share their print book with a friend, resulting in a lost sale. With ebooks, depending on how the ebook is published, it is possible that both friends could keep a copy.

How do I Get Started?

Prepare your manuscript as if it is going to be printed.
Contact us to arrange typesetting, or have it professionally typeset. (We'll give you some guidelines if you have someone else do the typesetting.)
Contact us to discuss the various methods of distribution and set-up.
Ebooks are often best if they are less than 100 pages. People don't usually want to print out the book themselves and reading a book on a computer can be tedious if it is lengthy.

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We offer authors self-publishing assistance using FindTech, Ltd as the publishing house. We are not a vanity publisher.

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