Sentence Innocent Man to Death

It is hard to imagine that a hardworking, ambitious, and religious man of character could ever fall victim to a calloused legal system. But that’s what happened to Joseph Weaver in 1927.

Weaver had moved to Ohio from Georgia and was successfully cultivating roots in his new hometown when he, a black man, was arrested for the murder of a white night watchman. A lesser man wrongly convicted and living in the shadow of the electric chair would have broken under the strain. But this man of strong character was unmoved and uncompromising, his faith never wavering while his allies doggedly pursued the truth to save his life.

Against the societal backdrop of the early twentieth century, Conviction in Cuyahoga County: A True Story in Black and White is a gripping and thought-provoking commentary on some issues that remain to this day. Written by Weaver’s daughter, it is a must-read for all Americans concerned with the principles of justice. Order your copy today!

Conviction in Cuyahoga County:
A True Story in Black and White,

by Jo Jo Weaver


224-page original trade paperback.
ISBN 0-9744215-4-5
$14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling
    (plus 8% tax for Ohio residents)

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