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You've written your book.
Now what!

Submit it to a publisher?

If you decide to self-publish, we can help you.
Many companies that offer self-publishing have a fairly large requirement for the initial book printing order (3,000 copies at $5/book--that's $15,000!). The reason they do this is to defray the costs associated with getting a book ready to print. It makes sense in a way, because it makes the price per book lower, but it makes your initial cash outlay much greater than the alternative.

Here's our alternative.

You can order as little as one book with us, so there is no requirement to buy a large lot of books. You can do some of the work needed to get a book published by yourself or out-source it, or pay us to do it for you. Some of these things include editing, proof-reading, typesetting, cover design, and filing for the copyright. Caveat: Never edit your own book.

Our print-on-demand (POD) service lists your book with national book wholesalers such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor so bookstores can order your book. It will also be listed with and Orders through the Internet or a wholesaler are placed directly with the on-demand printer and shipped to the customer. You receive royalties on all sales based on a pricing structure determined by the retail price of your book.

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