Toe Filler Inserts

Toe Filler Inserts
for Diabetic Shoes

Medical Resources Limited offers fillers for your patients with Digital or Trans-Metatarsal amputations. Extra material is added to the top of a custom insert to fill the void. We offer three types of fillers:

  • one for Hallux Amputations
  • one for Multi-Digital Amputations
  • one for Trans-Metatarsal Amputations

Toe Filler Reimbursement

Toe fillers can be covered as a Medicare-reimbursable item. Considered a prosthetic device, the filler is billed using the L5000 code with an allowable of approximately $419.00. The prosthetic device is made of the toe filler and the insert as one complete orthotic. This replaces the need for a separate insert for the affected foot. The examples listed below show how to prepare a claim when dispensing six inserts to a patient where three of the six contain a toe filler.

Claim Form Preparation

Three inserts with toe filler

Box 24—Enter code L5000 for the inserts with the toe filler. In the modifier column, enter:
  • KXRT for the right foot, or
  • KXLT for the left foot

Box 24F—Enter the charge for the item (the allowable is $419.00)

Box 24G—Enter 1 (one) unit

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