Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill

Therapeutic Shoe Bill

Since May of 1993, the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill has been in place. This bill has allowed health care professionals to either prescribe or supply Ultra depth shoes and orthotic inserts to eligible diabetic patients. Medicare's purpose is to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot complications such as ulcerations and amputations. Due to the preventative nature of this bill, a patient may qualify for shoes and inserts without a history of any foot complications.

For patients meeting Medicare criteria, coverage is limited to one pair of Ultra depth shoes and three pairs of inserts each calendar year.

Click here for details on the Therapeutic Shoe Bill (click here for the complete Therapeutic Shoe Bill) including an update on:

  • codes
  • guidelines
  • certifications
  • prescriptions
  • furnishing footwear
  • processing therapeutic shoe claims

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