Diabetic Footcare | Turnkey system

Diabetic Footcare:
Turnkey System

Medical Resources Limited:

    • Offers a turnkey Diabetic Footwear solution

    • Has a certified Podiatrist and Pedorthist on staff

    • Offers shoes that meet the Therapeutic Shoe Bill requirements.
      The Therapeutic Shoe Bill is very specific.
      Not all shoes fit the Bill.


• Medicare has a Therapeutic Shoe Bill. This Bill enables eligible diabetic patients to receive coverage for therapeutic shoes and insoles (Medicare, part B). Medicare's intent is to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot complications.

Medical Resources Limited has developed a comprehensive diabetic footcare turnkey system that enables you to implement a successful therapeutic footwear program. You will receive complete training by Medical Resources Limited on all aspects of

  • proper sizing
  • fitting
  • ordering
  • billing

for the therapeutic shoes and orthotic inserts. This will expand your services and increase your profitability in treating the diabetic patient.

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