Orthotic Accessories


Video Tape
Instructional Video

Impressions Pad
Foot Imprinter Set

The set includes the imprint mat, paper, ink, and roller. Produces weight-bearing imprint of the foot, thereby measuring pressure disbursement and arch shape.

Diabetic Footcare Brochures
English #100 Spanish #101
Sold in Packs of 100

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Diabetic Footcare Sign

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Ritz Stick

Plastic Colored Shoe Horns


Display Stand

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Heel Grips
Styles: Sponge Rubber #409

Tongue Pads
Styles: Felt #407

Foam Taps
Styles: Foam #408

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Diabetic Insole #400
Full Tri-Lam
"Diabetic" Insole

This full-length "Tri-laminate" is specially designed for the diabetic foot. Heat moldable, with a top layer of fine celled ProCell EVA, it will mold to the foot without abrasion. The center layer of poron foam will not bottom out, and will continue to provide cushioning from shock. The bottom layer is a firmer ProCell Plus EVA, designed to hold the shape of the insole.

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